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Phase 2 Phase 1
HP Armor
10,000 200
Weakness DT activation
None Doesn't DT


Nefasturris is the boss for Mission 6 of Dante's Disc. This is the only fight in the game where it is completely consistent as long as the player preforms the set up correctly.

This fight has evolved it's strategy throughout the years when DMC2 speedrun scene was still at growing phase. Varying from S rank on demand with Million Stab then Round Trip for faster phase 2. Eventually Radge made consistent Majin set up for this fight which LonerHero optimized the usage of it on phase 2.

In Phase 2, it's decapitated head continues to fight as Nefascapitis. This phase can be very dangerous to fight it head on head.

NG+ Note: Round Trip is used against phase 1. Phase 2 can be done the same, but stronger and more consistent alternative is Quick Heart + High Time spam.

NG+ Phase 2 example. This is NTSC version, where offence heart and sword damage are bugged.


If you fail to set up Majin, then you will lose significant amount of time in Phase 2. You must get hit by the Giant Laser 3 times then tank the 4th hit with DT.

The speed of this fight depends on how well you can Shotgun Cancel at Phase 1. It is important to conserve enough DT gauge for the optimal cycle in Phase 2. As a result, these are important scenarios to keep in mind for Phase 1 :

  • If you end it with 1 Fire balls, you got the optimal cycle.
  • If you end it with 2 Fire balls, then the timing for the phase 2 cycle is extremely strict.
  • Anything more than that means you can't do the optimal phase 2 cycle.

Full Fight Demo

  • The most important part while taking damage for each laser is pressing dodge button to recover quickly.
  • Make sure to adjust Dante's position so the Shotgun will deal full damage against Nefasturris Head.
  • If your Shotgun cancels were optimal, you won't need to do additional high times into Shotgun.
  • In Phase 2, you must attack the spine that is still attached, which is it's weak point. The timing of melee into Doomsday is strict because you cannot buffer it's input.

Phase 2 Back-up

Only consider this option if you shoot more than 3 Fireballs.

For some reason, Doomsday forces Nefascapitis to stop floating. This gives you enough space to finish it off without losing too much time.

If you are playing NTSC version, you can take advantage of Continuous Doomsday glitch.

It's good to check the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) if you have general questions regarding the bosses.