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Infested Chopper
HP Armor
Weakness DT activation
None Doesn't DT

Infested Chopper

Infested Chopper is an Infestant-controlled attack helicopter encountered throughout the latter half of Dante's Mission 5. This fight is the biggest reset point for most runs on Dante's categories. No matter what happens is completely out of players control. Even on NG+

  • Before the final encounter Infested Chopper HP is 2,000
  • Chopper will get stunned every 700 HP loss. MUST DIE mode is every 1,000


The “consistent” strategy against this boss is when the player takes damage against 4 missile launcher for the Majin set up. The fastest strategy is setting up Majin during the Infested Tank fight.

For the risky method, there are 3 patterns to look out for at the start of the fight :

  • When the chopper starts going Out of Bonds as in flies up to the point where Dante can't reach it, you get the worst RNG.
  • If the chopper stays still and starts shooting the small rockets while tilting to the side, then you got heaven's blessing with the best pattern.
  • This is the standard one where chopper moves to the center of the arena. Because, any other position will be difficult to hit it's weak point.

The Safe method is where you get green orb to fully heal before climbing on the final building. What makes that “Consistent” is when you are close to run out of DT gauge, you use devil star to maintain the Majin and the DPS.

Video Demonstration

Safe Method - Press the dodge button to recover quickly before taking another hit. Destroy any other extra missile with E&I. Before Majin, make sure that you are on the same height and facing the eye.

Standard Cycle - This is how the fight usually goes. You want Fly towards the chopper to take hits from the blade for the Majin set up then get into the sweet spot before you start DPSing.

Perfect Cycle - This is similar to Standard, but instead of waiting for the chopper to re-adjust the weakness is already exposed. Immediately, transform, adjust height and position then start throwing the fire balls.

It's good to check the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) if you have general questions regarding the bosses.