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Mundus' Spawn
HP Values
1,000 ×2
Difficulty scales the defence

Mundus' Spawn

Mundus' Spawn is a boss in Mission 14 and has two separate health bars One is for Mundus' Spawn, and the other is for the mother, Lilith. This fight is one of the most decisive point in the original game because the player must kill the boss in one cycle. Definitve Edition fight structure is different which player could only kill in 3 cycles.

Changes to the original game


  • This fight requires 1 Small and Large Devil Star in the original game. Definitve Edition will only need 1 Large Devil Star.
  • Original game - After the initial Aerial Rave (B rank). Angel Lift to the main eye then spam Skirmish to build A style meter then Angel Lift → Aerial Rave to get S style meter before breaking the eye with DT. Lilith cycle is DT → Judgement → Trinity Smash → Judgement.
  • Definitve Edition - DT Aerial Rave is only used after you break the eye on the side. Lilith cycle is just a regular Judgement spam. Maintain S style meter to keep the damage consistent.

Video Demonstration

Original game one cycle demo

Definitve Edition first 2 cycle demo

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