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Bob Barbas
HP Values
1,000 ×3
Difficulty scales the defence

Bob Barbas

Bob Barbas is the third encountered as the level boss of Mission 10. This fight is an autoscroller. There are no such thing that can be skipped for both versions. It's also one of the only 3 missions where players can obtain the highest mission rank in a New Game setting.

Changes to the original game


  • Both versions has the same cycles. First cycle is Trinity Smash → 1 hit → DT → Judgement. The rest are basically full DT Judgement spam.
  • During an autoscroller fights, always make sure to have enough DT and high style meter. Stomp is extremely useful here.
  • In Definitve Edition DT is free because barbas gives you DT meter even if you hit him in DT. Although, it is a lot harder to maintain S rank because barbas does not get stunned for each disabled buttons.

Video Demonstration

First Cycle demo

DT Building with Stomp

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