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M1 - 3,000
M10 - 7,000

Dante (Boss)

Dante starts up as tutorial boss in Mission 1 then comes back later with more tools in Mission 10.


You can setup Dante's patterns by shooting at him during wake-up a couple of times

You can also time your RQ to take the turn still

  • Mission 1 - Original game has higher defense and harder to No Damage Bonus because you need to destroy extra benches for S-rank. After ~15 seconds Dante will attack if neither of you have received any damage.
  • Mashing any buttons during Buster cutscene makes no difference.
  • Mission 10 - This cycle is consistent as long as you take the initiate first. You need 5 DT-Gauge to complete the cycle itself. The Slash hit before Buster must be double hit and not Exceeded otherwise Dante will not bounce back to take another Slash → Buster → CS'3
  • If things went wrong then do Snatch loop of RQ 1,2,3 into CS'3. Do not overrely on Snatch as your main catching method against this boss. It's much better to manipulate with RQ deflect or the E&I shooting clash instead.
  • Each style has special counter play: RG = free Buster TS = RQ catch GS = free Snatch
  • Dante in Mission 10 has couple of different start up patterns. The idea is to ensure that he is not near or standing in the mini-chamber spot which can mess up your cycle. Example 1 | Example 2

Video Demonstration

Nero [M10 Dante] - Cycle example

It's good to check the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) if you have general questions regarding the bosses.