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HP Armor
10,000 120
Weakness DT activation
Doesn't DT


Trismagia serves as the boss for both Dante in Mission 16 and Lucia in Mission 12. This fight is completely scripted as Dante, but for Lucia this is the hardest fight in the game. Because, she have to fight it normally and hope for a good one cycle. Therefore, this is one of the only RNG heavy fights that she had to deal with.

The face of the flame is weak to Frost heart, the face of the ice is weak to Flame Heart. No weakness in the face of lightning and merged. The health of the Ice Block that gets thrown at you is 1

The Falling Icicle has it's own HP value :

  • Normal : 75, 100, 125 out of 150
  • Hard : Chance between 200, 225 or 250
  • MUST DIE : Fixed at 350

NG+ Note: Same strategy as New Game.


If the heads are merged Trismagia takes more damage with FireArms. When heads are split, they take more damage with melee. For Dante's case it doesn't matter because he will simply use Majin to finish the fight.

Lucia has to manage DT gauge effectively to kill the boss in one cycle. Her Aerial Cross isn't as good as Dante's Round Trip against this boss either.

Two good Round Trips completely takes off Trismagia's one life bar. This means with Dante you only need to do this twice. Lucia has to work more than that

Dante - Mission 16

Majin Cycle

Dante trivializes this fight with Shin Majin. He can set up the HP bar at the elevator before the boss room easily. The only thing he has to make sure is to check with Ebony and Ivory to find the head that he can deal damage against the boss before transforming into Majin.

Use Laevateinn when the DT gauge is at silver color. If you are playing the PS2 NTSC Port, then you can use it at the start of the fight continuously. Remember to watch out from the desperation attack, which you can avoid it with well timed roll.

Lucia - Mission 12

Lucia Aerial Cross + Cranky Bomb Demo

As Lucia, this is one of the most RNG heavy fight in the run. There are 4 key materials to this fight :

  • Cranky Bombs to deal massive damage, if they approach close to the ground.
  • Get behind Trismagia head to do Aerial Crosses as much as possible. This is the hardest part.
  • Deliberately take damage to build DT gauge and use Gold Orb on Death.
  • Use Divine Anger on the merged head to end the fight.

All of the above example is demonstrated in the video above. The hardest part is getting behind Trismagia head to deal Aerial Cross damage. You can check the head with Sky High into Spinner Top to see if you are able to Aerial Cross the head or not.

The best RNG head is Ice because Lucia won't get knocked down from it's attack compared to Fire and Electric. Frost Heart is used here because of slow down effect that gives you more opportunity to do extra Aerial Cross.

It's good to check the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) if you have general questions regarding the bosses.