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Tateobesu is a boss that appears in Mission 7 of Lucia's Disc. This is possibly one of the hardest fight in the series due to extremely tight execution.

NG+ Note: The strategy is still the same, you will just have more chance to throw Divine Anger.

In MUST DIE: mode Tateobesu is permanently transparent, so you can't Lock-on and it's better to use the pillar method.


This is the only underwater fight that Lucia preforms in the entire run. There are 3 ways of approaching this :

  • Bowgun - This is outdated method, but it's a good starting point to get familiar with trapping the boss.
  • Cranky Bomb Safe - Similar to bowgun method but faster that caused bowgun to be routed out.
  • Cranky Bomb Risky - Bear in mind that this method does not work in DMD. This method allows you to stun-lock tateobesu with Cranky Bomb explosions. It is risky because, if you get hit and fail to DPS it properly then, the loop will end. You must land a good Divine Anger at the start of this fight to trigger this method going. If Tateobesu didn't trigger the bite charge pattern then you have to go back with the safe strategy.

It's important to note that Tateobesu may trigger unusual behaviour where you have to be ready to adapt. Each attempts for any of these methods does not always go the same way. Therefore, the idea is that you must control the fight and maintain the DPS. Some scenario-based examples are :

  • While preforming the safe method, Tateobesu may attack you. Avoid getting stunned by entering in DT and use Divine Anger when available.
  • During the process of trapping the boss into the pillar, there is a chance that it may break them. Avoid triggering the tail pattern.
  • For the risky method, maintaining the stun-lock usually depends on your timing of Cranky Bomb throws. For the most part, Tateobesu usually goes transparent again after 3 stuns. Although, there is a rare chance that you can get the boss permanently stun-locked.
  • The most important part for the risky methoed is when you switch sides after each stun-lock cycle. If you get hit by the electric tail, transform into DT to recover quicker and re-adjust Lucia's position to prepare for another cycle.
  • Divine Anger is usually used when Tateobesu is in sweet spot to take full damage and when near to death. It's much advised to save some DT at the end for quick exit swimming thanks to Aqua Heart.

Video Demonstration

Bowgun - Simple just drag Tateobesu into this particular pillar to trap it.

Cranky Bomb Safe - Make sure to get closer after each explosion. It's always preferable to aim on it's head.

Cranky Bomb Risky - This is how the ideal fight should go like. Two Cycles.

This is how the usual Risky method looks like.

It's good to check the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) if you have general questions regarding the bosses.