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HP Armor
9,000 180
Weakness DT activation
None 30s


Orangguerra serves as the boss in Dante's Mission 3 then appears again in subsequent levels. Lucia fights it only once in Mission 4. This fight with Dante is one of the biggest reset point in the game regardless if it's safe strategy or not. Lucia on the other hand usually goes the same way because she gets enough DT gauge after obtaining Offence Heart which allows her to speed up the fight by large amount.

NG+ Note: Round Trip / Aerial Cross + Flame Heart trivializes this fight.

Lucia can trigger Flame Heart glitch against this boss.


In Mission 3, Dante fights different version of this boss :

  • It jumps around the arena, clings to the ceiling and breaks some glass shards. You want to stay at the middle of the arena to avoid this pattern happening too much.
  • This version also features separate HP that is set on both arms by 1,500. You want to avoid cutting them since, it slows down the fight by significant amount.

Orangguerra when one of the arms are cut. It disables, the ability to climb or cling into any walls

Staying close to the door will make Orangguerra constantly cling on it

Dante - Mission 3

You have two options to cycle: The risky one which is Majin set up from goatling fight and the Million stab stun-lock method. It’s highly recommended to go on a safer option for a while.

Million Stab Method Safe

Majin Method Risky

Safe cycle is much slower and random than Majin for many reasons, however it rewards you with many orbs that secures your orb route throughout the whole run. What you are doing here is :

  • Loop by doing 3 slash into High Time then Million Stab.
  • No matter what Orangguerra does with it's attacks you can iFrame it by timing your Jump Cancels
  • If Orangguerra ever jumps around or clings to the ceiling, shoot it down.

Risky cycle is self-explanatory. There is no consistent set-up and it entirely depends on previous fight with the Goatling. The best case scenario is when you have enough HP to take stomp from Orangguerra itself so, you can immediately transform into Majin.

Lucia - Mission 4

The only tricky part about this fight is when you time your Air Raid state and the end cycle :

  • You have to wait a bit before Orangguerra does a slam. Getting into Air Raid state eariler will make Lucia float out of range and fails to connect full damage.
  • The last bit is RNG and out of your control. If Orangguerra doesn't open up like grab pattern, then there is a chance that it will take less damage. This means you will have to do more of Rodeo Drive > Wheel Kick cancel till it dies.

Standard Cycle

It's good to check the Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) if you have general questions regarding the bosses.