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Larva Moth
HP Armor
5,000 500
Weakness DT activation
Flame Heart Doesn't DT


Noctpteran is a boss fought by Dante in Mission 10 and Lucia in Mission 6. The DMCSpeedrun community usually refers this boss as Moth.

This fight is another biggest reset point for most runs on both characters. This is primarily because of Larva's behavior.

There are some interesting fact about this boss. In the PS2 port, final Moth hatches can be destroyed, which eliminates the RNG by large amount. Although, it turned out that this was unintended from the developers themselves according to the official guide book. Therefore, HD Collection patched this.

NG+ Note: The fight is still the same. Only difference is the resources that you have resources to kill larvas faster without having to use devour method. However, Dante in PS2 NTSC port can trivialize this fight with continuous Doomsday usage.


There are 3 main layers of RNG: Larva devour, Moth hatch and Larva's position to appear.

The general idea is to prevent Moth from hatching larvas a lot. The initial larva spawns are 3 and 4 is the minimum that you should deal with.

Larva hatch has 10 HP, which can be easily destroyed with Firearms.
  • Lucia struggles at the beginning, because she had to pray to reach Moth and trigger Flame Heart glitch cycle.
  • Dante has to pray that Moth doesn't hatch a lot while building Majin DT. He also have to pray and kill the first hatch that Moth usually drops at the start of this fight before getting devoured by larva.

Boomstick Glitch can hit the hidden larvas which eliminates RNG all together. This incident is extremely rare and was recorded live footage from LonerHero's 45:00 run

Dante - Mission 10

Following clip shows the extra steps that you are going to preform after killing Moth in PS2 port. The beginning of the fight is the same as any other ports.

Ideal Noctpteran

It's extremely out of your control whether you are going to be able to kill the first hatch before getting devoured by the larva. What happens from that point is :
  • Wait till your HP is close to be at red. Break out of larva by rotating your stick and mashing at the same time.
  • Pray that Moth doesn't hatch extra larva, which 97% of the time keeps happening.
  • What happens after Majin is very situational. If the larva appears early, then you can prioritize killing it first before targeting the Moth. Otherwise, you straight up kill the Moth itself. You may also have a chance to destroy the hatch before it completes.
  • Make sure to throw Laevateinn before your DT gauge runs out. It helps you to kill another larva, if you are lucky.
  • Use vital star during Laevateinn animation and from that point, it's all RNG to pray for devour against larvas. In PS2 Version, make sure to destroy the last two Moth hatch.

Lucia - Mission 6

This cycle is done in HD Collection because Lucia can trigger Flame Heart glitch against this boss.

If Moth doesn't come down immediately at the beginning of this fight, then this fight will cost you massive amount of time. It's difficult to salvage the time losses from that point.

Additionally, she doesn't have to focus on destroying the larva hatch unless it's PS2 port.

Ideal Noctpteran

  • If you are close to running out of DT gauge during the Moth kill, then use Divine Anger. This also helps to kill hidden larvas.
  • Depends on the DT gauge left overs, Lucia doesn't have to rely on larva devour kills a lot. Because she can instantly kill them with Aerial Crosses. On the top of that, she builds DT gauge really fast with Cranky Bombs.
  • The end goal here is to manage your DT gauge to maximize quick larva kills. Throw Cranky Bombs before larva devours you. Use Aerial Cross if your DT gauge is high or if 2 larva appears at the same time.

It's good to check the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) if you have general questions regarding the bosses.