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HP Armor
7,500 250
Weakness DT activation
Electro Heart Doesn't DT


Jokatgulm serves as a boss in Dante's Mission 4 and Lucia's Mission 3. This fight is completely scripted with both character. Although, Dante has risky method which highly depends on his current health state after entering the room.

NG+ Note: Round Trip / Aerial Cross trivializes this fight.


It's very important to have your starter weapon upgraded as Lv2

Each Tentacle has 1,500 HP, the idea is just to focus on two at a time before attacking the main body, but it doesn't matter when it is Dante or NG+. Therefore, both character has different approach.

Dante - Mission 4

Dante has two methods: Safe Majin which is consistent to set up, but that is much slower than the Risky Majin.
  • Safe set up - Go to the left corner and keep taking hits from the tentacle. Each hit will push you back so, you will have to keep moving forward and shoot the main body.
  • Risky set up - Get in the posion mist and start meleeing the main body until certain extend. This approach varies because of the character positioning.

Safe Cycle Fireballs

Risky Cycle Melees

Fireballs Once your health is close to the red state, make sure to switch the target before transforming into Majin for the kill. The target you want to switch is the tentacle that is behind the main body. When you start shooting in Majin form, the tentacle will get destoryed and the Lock-on will automatically switch to the main body.

Melees method usually depends on your current health. Your limit to hit the main body is 5 times. Avoid jump directly to the poison mist for the first time to prevent knock down.

Melee after the tentacle hits you each time. You must stay close to the boss without triggering other tentacles, since that would make the set up a lot harder. Once you are ready to transform, rave it with cross cut.

Lucia - Mission 3

Ideal Jokatgulm with Lucia

This fight is scripted. It will go the same way every time with 5 steps :

  • Rapid Fire into Air Hike then quickly menu for the Devil Star to get into Air Raid state. Start Aerial Cross spam to the main body.
  • After the 5th hit, Jokatgulm will push you back with bubble shield. Hit the bubble shield with Rapid Fire since, it restores good amount of DT.
  • Deal some damage with Rodeo Drive cancel against the tentacle from the center on the left side. You intentionally get hit from it, so it can trigger posion gas pattern. It allows you to deal damage the tentacle from the left corner without getting interrupted. You do Rodeo Drive cancel two times there.
  • Turn back and kill the center left tentacle that previously hit you then spam Aerial Cross against the main body 8 times. Turn to the left side then do Divine Anger to kill the second tentacle to prevent bubble shield pattern.
  • This is very important and easy to mess up. Keep holding the Lock-on button after you do the first Rodeo Drive cancel. Because if you release Lock-on it to do another Rodeo Drive cancel, it will mess up the auto Lock-on priority. What you will do instead is to do 2 hits from Cross Cutters then DT to do it again full strings.

It's good to check the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) if you have general questions regarding the bosses.