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Phase 2 Phase 1
Argosax The Chaos
HP Armor
30,000 280
Weakness DT activation
Doesn't DT

Argosax The Chaos

Argosax the Chaos is the final boss of Dante's Disc which is encountered in Mission 18.

  • This fight has two phases. They are both very situational.
  • Becomes The Despair Embodied in phase 2.
  • The player should make back-up save until they are comfortable with phase 1. Because, the resources won't reset after restarting the mission.

NG+ Note: Same strategy as New Game and it can maintain Majin for phase 2.

The sum of Argosax HP are split into 6 parts :


If you don't have a Gold Orb from that point then it's not worth to go for Shin Majin set up. Because the probability of Griffon killing you is high. Hence, you want to either you get Majin set up after killing Griffon or die to get full DT gauge bar ready to perform Round Trip strategy. In Phase 1, you have to get hit by the Giant Laser 3 times. Avoid getting hit from the diffusion beam at all cost.

This is the order you have to follow when killing Argosax :

Nefasturris Orangguerra Large Devil Star Phantom Jokatgulm Small Devil Star Furiataurus Small Devil Star Use it After Majin Ends Griffon

This is how Phase 1 should usually go. Do not start attacking until Nefasturris head stays still, so the Whirlwind will do max damage

If you don't have Gold Orb, then this is how it should go from Furiataurus part. Maintain the Majin form until the very end and use Laevateinn against Griffon

The Despair Embodied

There is no one way to do this fight. You as a player must know when it's a good time to enter Shin Majin form. You also need to be familiar with Despair's pattern as in what to answer to each situation :

Energy Bullet Homing Laser Lightning Bolts Side Strafing
Slap Wave Teleport Slash Teleport Whip Walk
Wing Rotation

Average Despair Fight

Ideal Despair Fight

It's good to check the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) if you have general questions regarding the bosses.