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HP Values (Easy HP Value)
M9 M12
8,000 (6,000) 4,000 (4,000)
M15 M18
10,000 (10,000) 4,000 (2,000)


Griffon is a boss which encountered first in Mission 9. The actual mandatory fight starts from Mission 12 and it's final encounter in 15. It's infamously remarked that it kills the player run if:

  • Player gets caught on it's kite pattern in Mission 12.
  • Taking waay to long to get knocked down in Mission 15 for the second phase
  • Being forced to fight in M18 after Nightmare drags you into his space

Note: on DMD, Dante Deals 1/3 of Normal damage even in DT.


On many occasions the strategy kept changing for M12. Currently, there are 3 different approaches:

  • The hardest one to pull is the Ifrit glitch (also known as Maxy Punch), where you can replace bullet damage with melee the moment it hits.
  • The standard is the Alastor Stinger after 2 Grenade Shots in DT.
  • The safest is doing 3 lightning strike during air raid after after 2 Grenade Shots in DT.

You use the Holy Water after you do any of the approaches above. The most important part of this fight is not get caught on Griffon's kite. You also need to watch out for it's lightning after death which will cost you S rank if you got hit.

For the last encounter session, you need 3 Holy Waters. The biggest issue with that fight specifically in Any% or Low% is to knock down Griffon. You will have to time and make note of the two shots:

  • The first shot is when Griffon stops descending.
  • The second is when Griffon stops flying upwards.

Ideally, it's better to do these shots on DT state. Because sometimes he will have pixel hp left after popping 2 Holy Waters.

Griffon II - Maxy Punch

Griffon II - Air Raid

Griffon II - Stinger

Ideal Griffon III

Dante Must Die

Luckily for M12, there is AI manip where you can loop DT Pistol shooting. However, M15 needs a lot of work and luck. Because a well-timed meteor is the name of the fight. Example: If the attack hits the head, you are going to deal 3/4 damage. If it hits anything other than the core and head you get 1/2 damage.

Mission 12

Loop Setup

Manip Taunt

Setup make straight-line jump on the back then start shooting until you hit Griffon once. Avoid the kite with raw jump and before you start shooting make sure that dante is aiming at the kite first not Griffon. The most important part is to to stay in the same position without moving the character. After you get rid of the kite, shoot Griffon once to force his stomp.

Make sure that you disabled DT before you land on the ground for the Taunt. This so you don't accidentally vortex and such. You need to Taunt at least two times to restore the DT Runes in full then wait for Griffon's stomp again before you climb to the foremast and repeat the sequence.

  • Griffon will keep switching sides for each cycle due to his core exposure. You will always have to run to the right side first before left.
  • With turbo and decent mashing, you will get this cycle in two. Otherwise, you repeat this 3 or 4 times.

Mission 15

Griffon 3 Start

Griffon 3 DT Build

Griffon 3 Double hit

You will most likely need a vital star as a back up because its very easy to die in this fight with one mistake. The Start of this fight is always consistent as long as you perform the inital movement right. Double straight stinger > Ifrit switch > Jump to the right. The camera angle can most likely misinput your meteor charge so, you want to make sure that dante walking backward a bit. Two fully charged meteor will deal massive damage to griffon. DMD runs are most common in All Collectibles the clip Start showcases Cosmo Climb trick to quick grab Blue Orb fragment, before knocking Griffon down. If it's not in that category you will just knock him down similar strategy to Normal difficulty.

The next step is quickly DT Build Runes fast before preparing to counter any of the Griffon's attack. At this point of stage, you may either get a very good fight or a very unlucky fight. When Griffon does his back leap, its a good opportunity to start charging meteor, but you may get unlucky when goes for the heavy stomp. Avoid this by jumping away. Your best bet on maintaining the DT Runes is by either shooting him with grenades or Rolling blaze when griffon runs at you.

Usually before Griffon does his charge attack you will have opportunity to Double hit his head, but the time gap is really low. It's best to do that after he finishes a pattern or a leap back. When he charges at you for a headbutt jump over him. If you have rolling blaze, you will get a lot of milage from this due DT Runes building. Because it will give you opportunity to meteor after you jumped over him. Bewary of the camera when you do that.

Griffon can choose to cancel his dash with random lightning patterns. This can cost you SB badly when running 100%. If you get hit from Griffon's wings push, you can actually have some space to prepare for dodging laser patterns. There are 3 different laser patterns:

  • Pillars forces you to to roll 7 times left and right. You can try to squeeze in DT shots, but make sure that you charge for meteor at the end for big damage against his head.
  • Bullets are worst case scenario during this fight. It's very hard to adjust and squeeze some dps. Therefore, simply jump away from horizantal line while moving away from lighting ball.
  • Cut is a decent pattern, but usually easy to get confused with the worst pattern. If griffon does the lightning cut more than twice then it's a good pattern otherwise keep dodging. You can squeeze some nade shots while avoiding each cuts with a jump. Also a very good opportunity to throw meteor at the end.

Laser Pillars

Laser Bullets

Laser Cut

Double Hit during Lightning Call

Finally, there is Lightning Call pattern. The answer is to roll left or right twice once the lightning is close to Dante. Between these gaps you can land about 3 grenade shots. Additionally, you can throw meteor about 3 times here:

  • 1 before Griffon starts the pattern where you could deal a lot of damage by hitting the head and the chest core at the same time.
  • 2 when Griffon stops and recover for the next pattern, if you have enough DT Runes.

If you hit his critical spot so many times then griffon will fall for a short period of time. You can go after it and taunt to restore some DT Runes. However, in PS2/PS3 his chest can be exposed where you can have another opportunity to throw a meteor against it.

It's good to check the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) if you have general questions regarding the bosses.