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This is a list related to the different techniques that is used to Vergil commands to understand properties.

  • Trigger Heart enables both the SDT Gauge and DT Gauge will deplete at a slower rate.
  • At higher Concentration levels, World of V move lasts longer and restores more Vitality to Vergil. Depletes the entire Concentration gauge upon use.


Trick Action

Summoned Swords

Side Roll
  • Evade an enemy attack by rolling to the side.
  • Contains invincibility frames.
  • Command: + sideways on + X
Kick Jump
  • Jump again by pushing off a wall.
  • Command: After jumping, press X near a wall.
  • There are 3 different taunts.
  • First is a regular one which is performed by pressing SELECT while on the ground or mid-air.
  • Second is a special one from a shop which a regular one which increases Stylish Rank more than a normal taunt. done by holding + SELECT while on the ground
  • Third is unique taunt given only to those who completed the Bloody Palace. Press + SELECT while on the ground
  • Defend against enemy attacks, preventing damage.
  • Decreases the Concentration Gauge but, if the Gauge is at level 2 or higher, you'll parry with finesse.
  • With Concentration at level 1 or higher, press
Enemy Step
  • Also known as JC. One of the one of the core aspects for this series.
  • This is one of the most expensive ability to purchase.
  • Command: In mid-air, press X near an enemy.
Get More Orbs
  • Passive ability which increases the range from which you gather orbs.
  • The range stretches up to 30m.
  • By continuing to press in the same direction with the your footspeed will increase.
  • Mandatory ability to buy.
  • Use demonic power to create a Devil Clone that will follow Vergil, mimicking his movements.
  • Possible to alter the speed at which it acts with and to speed up or slow down and to return to normal.
  • Human-state or dismisses the clone.
  • Consumes DT Gauge
  • Command: Human-state or any buttons on
Accumulate / Sin Devil Trigger
  • Expend the DT Gauge Gauge by holding to charge the SDT Gauge.
  • Vergil unshackles his true power to become the demon within.
  • Deplets SDT Gauge to raise attack, defense, movement speed, and restore vitality.
  • Command: When the SDT Gauge is full hold and release
World of V
  • Use the power of Yamato to cleave devil from man, allowing V and his minions to unleash a devastating attack that restores vitality on use.
  • Enemies defeated will drop green orbs with greater frequency.
  • Consumes Concentration Gauge.
  • Command: + rotate + O
Air Trick
  • Mark your target with a Mirage Blade, then teleport to its location.
  • If multiple enemies are marked, choose the enemy to teleport to with
  • Command: + O
Grim Trick
  • Mark a Grim Grip with a Mirage Blade, then teleport to it.
  • Command: + O
Trick Up
  • Teleport directly upwards.
  • Command: O
Trick Down
  • Teleport diagonally down and back if performed in mid-air, or backwards if on the ground.
  • Command: + + O or + + O + X
  • If SDT the command is: + + X
Trick Dodge
  • Teleport in the direction indicated with
  • Command: + + O
Mirage Blade




  • Launch swords created from demonic power.
  • Each level increases the fire rate, range and number of swords. It also strengthens related moves.
  • Command:
Spiral Blade
  • Creates a ring of Mirage Blades around you that acts as a shield.
  • Depletes DT Gauge
  • Command: Hold
Storm Blades
  • Countless swords surround an enemy, then attack all at once, launching them in the air.
  • Depletes DT Gauge
  • Command: + + Hold and release
Blistering Blades
  • Create swords around you that launch themselves at your enemy one after another.
  • Depletes DT Gauge
  • Command: + + Hold and release
Heavy Rain Blades
  • Creates a deadly rainfall of Summoned Swords above your enemy's head, which temporarily stops them.
  • Depletes DT Gauge
  • Command: + + + Hold and release