It's important to note that Any% is the main competitive category of this game. The current tables reflects from Speedrun.com game stats. However, Any% specifically misses some important details about full history of this game. Because, DMC1 Historically went through the timing method changes 3 times. When DMC1 first established at 2013 the timing method that community went through was IGT. During that period, maxy held at peak for nearly a year and a half till Slickford managed it in 22nd of January 2021.

Runner Time Period Game Time External Link
VeeGeeA Aug 2013 unavailable unavailable
bassomegax SDA-run Aug-2013 unavailable unavailable
Darko May 2014 unavailable unavailable
bassomegax 4th June 2014 42:51 IGT
Maxylobes 12th Dec 2017 - August 2017 39:56 - 39:16 IGT First time record - Last time it held
0_yami_0 29th March 2018 38:18 IGT
Maxylobes 22th August 2019 37:50 IGT
Slickford 22th January 2021 37:25 IGT
After that period the community worked on how IGT is counted, they found that it used frames to count the mission time. IGT even continues to run on the mission's result screen. The final verdict is the IGT in this game seems to just be RTA for individual levels, minus the menus and the couple of sections where IGT doesn't run. Therefore, community had a discussion and agreed upon switching to RTA over IGT.

Year 2021 had insane competition with 6 emerging runners: Out_With_A_Yang, coolkarmact, Muty71, DizzySplits and DanSpence94. Maxylobes and Slickford had heavy pressure to keep up with their time.

Runner Time Period Game Time External Link
Maxylobes 20th February 2021 41:52 RTA
Slickford 20th August 2021 41:40 RTA
Muty71 DMC 20th Anniversary 41:33 RTA
coolkarmact 6th September 2021 41:31 RTA
DizzySplits 28th September 2021 41:18 RTA
Maxylobes 14th September 2021 41:06 RTA
DizzySplits 28th September 2021 41:04 RTA
Maxylobes 22nd December 2021 40:54 RTA
After Maxylobes achieved the first ever sub 41:xx. This marked end of RTA timing method because LRT was implemented. Therefore, the rest of progression for Any% carries on from 2022-04-27 with coolkarmact by getting first sub 36:xx LRT.

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