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Nero's unique system where a single charge is being used on every attack to increase its speed, damage, and hitstun. Purchasing Exceed 2 and Exceed 3 skills allow him to use stronger charges, whereas regular attacks don't benefit from purchasing these skills.

General Notes

  • This is a mandatory trick to utilize throughout the run. It's also important to note that there are situations where not using a charge will award with a small timesave and such.
  • Exceeds proficiency depends on the amount time spent playing the game.
  • MAX-Act barely saves time in a run. However, it allows you to get faster M10, M11 skip setups, including the chances to fix your boss cycle mistakes.
  • Super-Costumes will always give MAX-Act charge no matter what. It's one of the main reasons why Vanilla game uses EX3-Streak as the primary method of movement.
  • It is possible to use controller vibration as an indication to when to Exceed. Some moves can even make MAX-Act more consistent.

Video Demonstration

Credits to Mekarazium